Why Türkiye?

What are the advantages of studying in Türkiye?

Why study in Türkiye?

Every day more and more foreign students want to study in Türkiye. Why do students want to study in Türkiye?


Türkiye is a country with a deep history, where many different cultures live together. Geographically, it is at a complete transition point and plays the role of a bridge.

It is possible for you to feel like a local and a foreign citizen in Türkiye at the same time. Pieces of Ottoman, Greek, Arab, Mediterranean, and Balkan cultures can be found in Türkiye.

Tolerance towards different cultures prevails in Türkiye. You can see people respecting different cultures, being open-minded and friendly. Climate, nature, history, culture vary from city to city, from village to village. In short, you will never be bored in Türkiye..

Living Expenses

If we compare with European countries, the cost of living in Türkiye is more affordable. Even in a cosmopolitan city like Istanbul, you have affordable living options. Annual tuition fees of state universities according to your budget; Private universities have very reasonable tuition fees compared to European and American universities.

Education and Research

Türkiye is a country that has hosted academic success for centuries. Academicians are famous not only for their scientific achievements, but also for supporting their students. There are many state-of-the-art high schools and universities. It is possible to get a quality education in every subject, from humanities to crafts, from medicine to engineering specialties.


Living in a different country, in a different culture, gives you great experiences in a very short time in your life and opens doors to a more productive professional, social and academic life. Of course, your world view is also enriched!


Türkiye acts as a bridge between Asia and Europe, Africa and Russia, the Balkans and the Middle East. After learning Türkiye, you can make new friends.